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Jobs These Days, There are None!

I think this is so awsome. I am able to post tp my blog from my mobile phone, totally cool right.

But anyway, hey LJ I know I've been a little neglectful lately with the blogging. But man, with the holidays coming things have been really dificult for me.

I have been looking so hard for the right job. Everything is either really far away or the employer wants someone with a 4year degree. Yeah right, I am Certified in Business Technology, and I think that it should account for something.

I worked and trained hard to become certified. I have all my cdrtificates for Office Assistant and I have worked in the Office environment before. I am a Certified Clerical Worker and I am so tired of looking so hard to prove myself. How are we ever going to get the chance to excel and gain experience in any field that we want when the employer is not willing to give us a chance at it?

LJ Blog Out!